JG guest on the new Aborym album

I’m really delighted to announce that you’ll find yours truly on the new upcoming album SHIFTING.negative by industrial metal masters Aborym, on which I had the opportunity to play some additional treated guitars, electronics & (D)ronin.

The album features a long list of guest musicians and collaborators:
Sin Quirin of Ministry fame on guitars, Davide Tiso (Niō, Gospel of the Witches, ex-Ephel Duath) on guitars, Stefano Angiulli behind synths and keyboards, Ricktor (THE ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB), Pier Marzano, drummer Andrea Mazzucca, vocalists Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc., Victor Love), Cain Cressall (The Amenta) and Nicola Favaretto N-ikonoclast, Greg Watkins (Static of Masses, Order Sixty Six) and Luciano Lamanna on modular synths, Kelly Bogues (Zogthorgven) delivering additional ambient noise, Ben Hall (Silent Eretic) on power-electronics and Tor-Helge Skei (Manes) on ambient-electronics. There’s also Tokyo based artist Youko Heidy responsible for experimental noise and FX and Leja Siv Harju who wrote the lyrics to “Going new places”.

“Shifting.negative” is set to be released on Agonia Records at a date yet to be determined.


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