Releases December 2016

Soon December will come, the end of this kind of “troubled” 2016, world-wise. But on a way there was and is a lot of stuff running, moving on and taking shape during this very year.
Such in a way that I’m so delighted to remember to you that not only 1 but 3 albums my projects will be released during this month:

The Land Of The Snow – Paths Of Chaos (on Taxi Driver Records)
Mulo Muto & Sshe Retina Stimulants – Tutti I Colori Del Buio (on LUCE SIA)
Joel Gilardini – A Bliss In Imperfection (self release)

I want to thank here all the people involved behind these releases, who gave their support, passion and added something special to these works:

Eraldo BernocchiPetulia MattioliJacopo PierazzuoliMassimo PerassoSara TwinnAttila FolklorPaolo L. BanderaSacha RovelliNebojsa BacicHuere GiulioNik Bärtsch.

Thank you so much and respect!



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