Experimental guitarist and sound designer, Joel Gilardini is based in Zurich (Switzerland).

Guided by the urge and the will to experiment with sounds, Joel followed a very peculiar path which lead him over a broad range of soundfields, touching different musical attitudes and genres like metal, ambient, dub, and noise.

Involved in various projects, he is well known for his live ambient sets as an opening act for Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin (ECM) in Zurich’s clubs, as well as being the mastermind behind the experimental-doom-metal act The Land Of The Snow and part of the noise-industrial duo Mulo Muto.

Joel also works as a composer and music performer with various theater and dance acts. In this context he has collaborated with partners such as the Ballett Zurich, Swiss dancer Benoît Favre, and the collective House Of Pain.

Current projects/bands:
~ The Land Of The Snow (experimental/doom/metal)
~ Solo live-looping-sets (ambient/dub/dark ambient/drone)
~ Mulo Muto (experimental/noise/industrial, Zurich, Switzerland)

Joel is a versatile session musician for studio and live needs, besides being interested in collaborating with other artists, bands and ensembles. In this sense he already shared stages, studios and collaborations with:
Des Koenigs Halunken (2011, Winter tour CH/D)
Caladmor (2013, studio sessions for Of Stones And Stars, self-released)
None Of Them (2014, studio sessions for One Of Them, Nice Try Records)
Sshe Retina Stimulants (2015, collaboration album Free Bitches Love, Bloodlust Records)
You Wish Theater Company (2015, Gloria, theater-performance)
Krieg, Was Gehtn mich Das An (2015, a scenic reading of political poetry on the subject of war)
Mingle (2016, collaboration album Leere/Vuoto, LUCE SIA records)
Nicolas Stocker (2016, live ambient duo sets, during the Apples & Olives Festival)
Bondaa (2016-2018, live guitar/bass)
Aborym (2017, guest on SHIFTING.negative, Agonia Records)
Benoît Favre (Disrupted, 2017, with Ballett Zürich, The Spin Of Impermanence, 2017, & Out of place, 2017, with Bayerisches Staatsballett)
House Of Pain (2019, Feeding Crocodiles, works ongoing)
Gully Echos (since 2018, dub guitars)
Ryosuke Kiyasu (2019, live guitar-drums impro doom noise set)

Some rumors about:
“Joel is a wonderful guitar player” Eraldo Bernocchi (Sigillum S, Ashes, Somma, Obake, Metallic Taste Of Blood, Blackwood)
“Such a cool ambient sound” Nik Bärtsch
“Fascinates with his projects from jazz to dub-stoner fans and up to old school metalheads” klubi.ch
“His ambient-doom-sets sounds like Scorn, but in a gentle way” Micheal Ho (TuningSpork, NiceTry Records, None Of Them)
“There is a strange quality in his music that sounds improvised and at the same time math ruled” Metalsoundscapes (metal blog/fanzine about The Land Of The Snow)
“With a taste for icy metaphors and extended range guitars, Joel works a distorted ambient matter, where fantastic and tormented morphogenesis emerge” Paris Loop Jubilee 2014
“It sound like electronic music, but it’s analog from A to Z.” Benoît Favre (Ballett Zürich)


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