Main Releases

The Land Of The Snow, Paths Of Chaos, Taxi Driver Records, CD Digipak, March 2017

Mingle & The Land Of The Snow, Vuoto/Leere, LUCE SIA, Tape, limited edition of 60, October 2016

Sshe Retina Stimulants & The Land Of The Snow, Free Bitches Love : A Deflagration In Extra Sensorial PerceptionBloodLust Record Label, CD, limited edition of 100, June 2015

The Land Of The Snow, Belonging To Nowhere, Altrisuoni Records, CD-Extra, June 2013

The Land Of The Snow, Blizzards From The Edge Of A Stage, Self-released, digital download, December 2013

The Land Of The Snow, The Land Of The Snow, Self-released, digital download, April 2012

Mulo Muto & Sshe Retina Stimulants, Tutti I Colori del Buio/Colloidal Semantika Sessions Vol.2, Split Tape, limited edition of 60, LUCE SIA, December 2016.

Mulo Muto, Eterna Caduta, L’È Tütt Folklor Records, Tape, March 2016

Mulo Muto, Live VIII & V, L’È Tütt Folklor Records, Tape, August 2015

Mulo Muto, Eclipse & Equinox, L’È Tütt Folklor Records, Tape, March 2015

Mulo Muto vs. BetaTape Crash #11: The Examination, Old Bicycle Records, Split Tape, December 2014

Mulo Muto, Gutting Pieces, L’È Tütt Folklor Records, CDr, November 2014

Mevda & J.Gilardini, Mulo vs. Muto, L’È Tütt Folklor Records, Split Tape, May 2014

Mulo Muto, Distorted Rituals, L’È Tütt Folklor Records, Tape, November 2013

Black Machineries, A Walk In The Fields Of Lost Consciousness, Self-released, digital download, April 2016

Black Machineries, The Fall Of An Imperfect God, Self-released, digital download, January 2016

Black Machineries, Every Time You Move, You Stay Still, Self-released, digital download, October 2015

Joel Gilardini, Disrupted, Self-released, digital download, June 2017

Joel Gilardini, The Spin Of Impermanence, Self-released, digital download, May 2017

Joel Gilardini, In Doubt Dare To Move, Self-released, digital download, April 2017

Joel Gilardini, A Bliss In Imperfection, Self-relesed, official MONTAGS bootleg, CD, limited edition of 100, December 2016

Mitra Music 4 Nepal Compilation, distributed by Sub Culture Records, digital download, July 2015

As a guest musician

AborymSHIFTING.negativeAgonia Records, CD & LP, January 2017


None Of Them, One Of ThemNice Try Records, CD & LP, November 2014

Caladmor, Of Stones and Stars, Self-released, CD, August 2013

Lunatic Fringe, Promo EP, Self-released, digital, 2013

Lunatic Fringe, Enigma Suite, Self-released, digital, 2013

Upcoming releases



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