Ambient Guitars & Black Machineries

Another important field of research is the use of live‐looping and instant composition techniques. It’s a quite unique biosphere, where ambient, drone, dub, and doom elements melt together, giving shape and birth to continuolsly morphing soundscapes.

With this live‐looping‐act, Joel Gilardini opens for Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin on regular basis in Zurich clubs, and has taken part to Y2K International Live-Looping festivals in Zurich, Paris (FR), and Santa Cruz (US).

Following the first live ambient album A Bliss In Imperfection (2016), Joel released in September 2018 the second chapter SILENT TIDES which features a full new live set from the Montags series.
Co-produced together with Nik Bärtsch, mastered by Eraldo Bernocchi, and featuring photographies by Ursin Niderberger.

Just after the SILENT TIDES’ release, and coming back from the US Live-Looping Festivals, November 2018 saw the release of a further new ambient album: AGAINST HEATWAVES, this time on Zurich’s label Endtitles.
Recorded at Joel’s Nowhere Studio, it is based solely on baritone Nude Guitars and loops. The material selected for the album was created in a very short period between July and August 2018, during the warmest phase of the summer. These tracks evoke an arctic feel, like cold winds blowing on ice and snow, deep paced moods, like trying to chill the heatwave with music. Due to these feelings the tracks are named after Swiss glaciers, as if these tunes would be a soundtrack dedicated to these.


BLACK MACHINERIES is a post-industrial/dark ambient project by Joel, a further evolution of his live ambient sets, devoted to the creation of soundscapes based on loops, synth, [D]ronins and other odd machineries.

Black Machineries was born out of experiments where guitars were no more the main character in the play. This lead to the need for a medium other than The Land Of The Snow or Mulo Muto. Hence Black Machineries was born.



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