The Land Of The Snow

2022 NEWS: TLOTS has awaken from its lethargy! Works on the new album AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT are completed! It’ll feature once again Jacopo Pierazzuoli on drums, and Eraldo Bernocchi at the mixing/mastering desk. Artwork by Petulia Mattioli is finalized as well. To be released during 2022, release schedule and label will be unveiled as soon! While waiting, here it’s a first clip for your listening (un)pleasure:

The Land of the Snow is a solo-project and a state of mind of Joel Gilardini (baritone guitars, electronics and drums programming), often backed by Jacopo Pierazzuoli (drums).

TLOTS is devoted to massive, metal-oriented soundscapes: a constantly evolving sludgy mix of doom and post metal (often seasoned with noise and dub elements), which takes often its inspiration from alpine landscapes and Tibetan traditions.


The first seeds this project are found back in 2010/2011, when Joel began this as a one-man-band project.

The first period of TLOTS saw many collaborations and exchanges with different artists, as often TLOTS is intended as an open collective. First works together with Petulia Mattioli resulted in 2 peculiar music videos.

2013 saw the release of the first EP Belonging To Nowhere. Produced together with Andi Pupato at the mixing-desk, drums by Daniel Schuchter. The artwork was created by Karyn Crisis (former singer of Crisis and ex-Ephel Duath) and laid out by Michelle Aimée.

2015 saw a shift from the usual metal fields, with the release of 2 collaboration albums.

First Free Bitches Love together with Sshe Retina Stimulants (aka Paolo Bandera of Italian industrial masters Sigillum S) on Mark Solotroff’s Bloodlust Records: a cohesive set of six songs that fuse dark drone, minimal synth, noise, isolationism, stark electronic frequencies, ghostly voices and deep space.

Then “Vuoto/Leere” (2016) together with Mingle (aka Andrea Gastaldello), on Swiss label LUCE SIA: an ambient-drone work inspired by the loneliness and the void of the Great War on the Italian-Austrian mountain front.

After these collaborations, works started on the very first full-length album Paths Of Chaos.

The PoC’s concept revolves around Chaos, seen as a generator of new possibilities, instead of a negative principle. Like a Pilgrim, Joel explored new paths and summoned the energies offered by Chaos to embark on a new quest. This pilgrimage took him on a sacred path devoted to exchanging and rearranging, with the purpose of finding new channels inside and outside oneself possibilities. It’s intuition, open-mindedness to new experiences, no matter which ones, be these positive or negative.

Released February 2017 on the Italian label Taxi Driver Records, Paths Of Chaos guests Jacopo Pierazzuoli on drums (Morkobot, ObakeOsso),  Eraldo Bernocchi at the mixing-desk (Sigillum S, Obake, Metallic Taste Of Blood, Osso, SIMM), and visual artist Petulia Mattioli, (who created a wonderful, haunting artwork).

After Paths Of Chaos, TLOTS took a kind of a hiatus which was broken from time to times by few live appearances and the mini EP Of Other Folklores.

Then Spring 2020 came, and suddenly TLOTS awoke again, recording a totally new full-lentgh album:

AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT, which will be released during 2022!

As always, The Land of the Snow path is open and moves on to new challenges. Stay tuned!

In the past TLOTS opened for bands such Hate & Merda (IT), OvO (IT), Dysrhythmia (US), Signorina ?Alos (IT), Bruital Orgasme (BE), Impure Wilhelmina (CH) and Nebra (CH).

Full Discography

All There’s Left Behind, Self-released single, digital download, January 2022

Transmigration’s States, Self-released single, digital download, August 2021

Heavy Flakes, Self-released single, digital download, January 2021

And You Let Loose All Your Pains, Self-released single, digital download, December 2020

Of Other Folklores, Self-released, digital download, December 2019

Live At Rote Fabrik 2017, Self-released, digital download, December 2017

Paths Of Chaos, CD Digipak, Taxi Driver Records, February 2017

Mingle & The Land Of The Snow, Vuoto/Leere, limited tape edition, Luce Sia, October 2016

Sshe Retina Stimulants & The Land Of The Snow, Free Bitches Love = A Deflagration In Extra Sensorial Perception, limited CD edition, Bloodlust Records, June 2015

Blizzards From The Edge Of A Stage, Self-released, digital download, December 2013

Belonging To Nowhere EP, CD-Extra, Altrisuoni Records, June 2013

The Land Of The Snow, Self-released, digital download, April 2012

Some rumors about:

“TLOTS summons the finest Godflesh (Pure) and ideally the cultured disenchantment of Neurot.” Sodapop Webzine

Paths Of Chaos is a successful attempt to take the listener into a different territory than where his physical form is.” 8 out of 10 Metaleyes Iyezine

“Despite the grounding homogeneity, in Paths Of Chaos there are changes of pace and situations, which are immediate to assimilate, and that let pass in an instant this forty minutes album.” The New Noise

“TLotS impresses with a strong instrumental release [ndr Paths Of Chaos] that strikes you to the core; it contains a prodigious amount of passion that should be explored.” Metal Nexus

“There is a strange quality in his music that sounds improvised and at the same time math ruled” Metalsoundscapes

“There are no “self-celebrating” guitars that often dominates such one-man projects, no mind-blowing solos nore tests of strength, but there are constructions of architectures and soundscapes.”

“We seem to follow a soul in a forest, certainly a dark and thick one, almost a labyrinth in which she is deliberately immersed.” Gwendalyn Webradio

“A real journey during which you also may find yourself clouded and at the mercy of the notes played. A job obviously done with the soul in every movement. Musical emotions!” Suoni Distorti Magazine

“A faceted, intriguing and impressive project.” Back In Black/GQ Italia

“The Land Of The Snow is cool” Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree)

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