Since 2015 Joel Gilardini is also involved in creating music and sound designs for theater plays and ballet choreographies, hereby a selection of works.

Out of place ~ w/ Bayerisches Staatsballett

Choreography, stage & lights: Benoît Favre
Music: Vivaldi, Joel Gilardini
Costums: Shlomi Miara
Video: Dmitry Khamzin
June/July 2017
Three Quarters
Schermata 2017-06-21 alle 19_Fotor.png
A solo ballet piece presented at the XIII Moscow International Ballet Competition 2017, Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow, Russia).
Online stream:
Choreography: Dmitry Khamzin
Performer: Maria Tyurina
Music: Joel Gilardini
June 2017
The Spin Of Impermanence ~ Das Tanzfest, Grabenhalle, St. Gallen
Joel Gilardini, experimental guitarist, and Benoît Favre, dancer and choreographer, meet together for a new experiment, merging their arts around the common thread of improvisation. A lot of both artists’  works are based on this very attitude, which is a vital component of their art. For their second project together they have decided to give improvisation a much more important place on stage, rather than using it as a simple tool in a creation process. The Spin Of Impermanence is path into the unknown, in which only known step will be the first one.
May 2017
Disrupted ~ w/ Zürich Ballett

Choreography & Stage Design: Benoît Favre
Music: Joel Gilardini
Costumes: Shlomi Miara
Light design: Martin Gebhardt
Dramaturgy: Michael Küster
March 2017
Krieg ~ was geht’n mich das an?
Scansione 1_Fotor
A scenic reading of political poetry on the subject of war and all its facets.Cast: Dorothee Roth, Astrid Jordi, Sandro Stocker
Music: Joel Gilardini
Direction: Dorothee Roth
November 2015
Gloria ~ Eine Theater Performance668x501-fit.359x501

“We make you shine! Friends Ines and Malou have discovered the secret of fashionable individuality and want to share their knowledge to the World. But then… the facade collapse. A poetical piece about identity, insanity and reality.”

Cast: Alice Schönenberger, Robert Boy, Olivia Keller
Music: Joel Gilardini
Technic: René Schmid
Idea and direction: Olivia Keller

June 2015