Since 2015 Joel Gilardini is also involved in creating music and sound designs for theater plays and ballet choreographies, hereby a selection of works.

Feeding Crocodiles WIP ~ w/ House Of Pain

Feeding Crocodiles Work In Progress preview show. Perfomed at L Wie Materie, Salem (D), 26.9.2018.

Kristian Breitenbach: Video
Joel Gilardini: Music
Johanna Knöpfle: Scenery
Cecilia Wretemark: Dance
Jasmin Hauck: Choreography

September 2018

Out of place ~ w/ Bayerisches Staatsballett


Choreography, stage & lights: Benoît Favre
Music: Vivaldi, Joel Gilardini
Costums: Shlomi Miara
Video: Dmitry Khamzin

June/July 2017


Three Quarters

Schermata 2017-06-21 alle 19_Fotor.png

A solo ballet piece presented at the XIII Moscow International Ballet Competition 2017, Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow, Russia).

Online stream:

Choreography: Dmitry Khamzin
Performer: Maria Tyurina
Music: Joel Gilardini

June 2017


The Spin Of Impermanence ~ Das Tanzfest, Grabenhalle, St. Gallen

Joel Gilardini, experimental guitarist, and Benoît Favre, dancer and choreographer, meet together for a new experiment, merging their arts around the common thread of improvisation. A lot of both artists’  works are based on this very attitude, which is a vital component of their art. For their second project together they have decided to give improvisation a much more important place on stage, rather than using it as a simple tool in a creation process. The Spin Of Impermanence is path into the unknown, in which only known step will be the first one.

May 2017


Disrupted ~ w/ Zürich Ballett

Choreography & Stage Design: Benoît Favre
Music: Joel Gilardini
Costumes: Shlomi Miara
Light design: Martin Gebhardt
Dramaturgy: Michael Küster

March 2017


Krieg ~ was geht’n mich das an?

Scansione 1_Fotor

A scenic reading of political poetry on the subject of war and all its facets.
Cast: Dorothee Roth, Astrid Jordi, Sandro Stocker
Music: Joel Gilardini
Direction: Dorothee Roth

November 2015


Gloria ~ Eine Theater Performance


“We make you shine! Friends Ines and Malou have discovered the secret of fashionable individuality and want to share their knowledge to the World. But then… the facade collapse. A poetical piece about identity, insanity and reality.”

Cast: Alice Schönenberger, Robert Boy, Olivia Keller
Music: Joel Gilardini
Technic: René Schmid
Idea and direction: Olivia Keller

June 2015